SOUTHEND United boss Kevin Maher is desperate to get to work alongside the club's consortium this summer.

The consortium - which is headed up by Justin Rees - have yet to officially take control of the Shrimpers.

But Maher knows how their involvement will be huge if Blues are to finally start to fulfill their potential.

"As a football club we’ve got to get things right," said Maher.

"We can’t go around saying we should be up the top of the league just because of the number of people we get through the gate.

"You’ve got to do things right and that’s behind the scenes.

"The consortium have come in and gone above and beyond but now we want to get them in the door properly and really go to work.

"Let’s be the football club we can be and not cut corners.

"We want to do things right and then we can achieve something.

However, Maher also stressed there is still plenty to sort.

"There’s still a lot to do,"said Maher.

"We’ve got to put the foundations in place to be able to maintain success, like Chesterfield have done.

"We’re in a good place football wise and hopefully we can get it right."

But Maher and his players will be back at Boots & Laces at the start of next week.

"We’re in Monday and Tuesday," said Maher.

"We’ve got to tie off things and see where we are.

"It will all be done in due course."