SOUTHEND United fans have their say on Saturday's 2-1 defeat to Rochdale and the the 2023/24 season.

Started the game very well, moving the ball quickly and got the goal we deserved. We dropped off after that & can’t begrudge Rochdale their win. They were the better team on the day. Ultimately today was a celebration of a mad year & we all look forward to next season.


Full credit to Rochdale - we puffed and puffed but couldn’t get a grip on the game.


Shame not to have finished the season unbeaten and to lose to two poor goals today after taking the lead. Can't criticise though, they have given their all this season and often put their bodies on the line for our Club. Just need to get That Man gone so Kev can build for 2024/5.


It’s the hope that kills you but eventually play offs just out of reach. Still in the circumstances a great season, and hopefully with a couple of additions even better next year. Onwards and upwards.


Well what a season it has been from a supporters perspective. The season almost different start then came threats of being wound up as a club. Points were deducted and transfer embargoes applied in the meantime Kevin and his team ploughed on which we applaud.


Probably need to add to this team if we want to win the league next season. It’s harsh to say that because they are all a bunch of legends, and what a season from them all. Top stuff. But we need something else for next year - a Jack Payne or something like that.


Brilliant and outstanding effort from the whole of Southend United staff. Ron is totally to blame for us not going up. But we have to aim to equal Chesterfield's results next season. Promotion has to be achieved.


Started very well, seemed to drop off after the goal. Failed to take our chances when dominating and paid the price but thankfully it didn't matter and we should all be proud of the players and staff!


When will we learn that we ‘re just not good enough to play out from the back! Too many goals against caused by losing possession on the edge of the box. Poor performance today but overall a tremendous performance & record by this team over the season despite everything!


Again a few sloppy mistakes cost us the game. But why do we play so dangerously when at the back. Maybe some will have to go and a few new faces can come in. But I'll be back next season. Always a Shrimper.


Too many individual mistakes cost us today but the season should never be seen as anything but an incredible achievement. Against all odds, every single week King Kev and his team have done us and themselves proud. They’re all heroes that will go down in SUFC history.


Game died after HT, don’t know if the Halifax score got fed to the players. First season back for me for many years. Took my boy who has loved it. Looking forward to next year