AS a season ticket holder for Southend United I am extremely pleased that the council leader has worked with both Ron Martin and the consortium to finally devise a plan for saving the club.

However, as a councillor I have concerns that in saving the club has the council put at risk the financial stability of the city over the next 50-plus years?

Only time will tell, there are a number of questions that still need answering, mainly the financial burden to the council of covering the rental income (or lack of it) to the developer over the 50 years.

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The second big question is where are the people coming from to fill 1,300 high cost rental apartments and will they be bringing into the city the additional cost of adult and child social care which at present is causing extreme financial strain on the councils finances.

Yes, there are local people living in the private sector who quite frankly would love to move into these new properties, however, the current landlords will only ring up London and other councils and state that they have properties available.

The circle of homes and people will therefore continue and so will the social care burden.

Finally, the infrastructure, the schools, doctors, hospital and roads all need to be examined and due diligence done to ensure that the city over the next 50 years copes with everything that comes with any large development.

We should also remember that these plans are not the only ones being proposed by many other developers for the city.

Let us all remember, decision taken today will have an impact on residents lives for the next 50 years and beyond.

Councillor Ron Woodley

Tyrone Road, Southend