I remember it was early 2023 when we read about players and staff at Southend United Football Club months behind in being paid.

Casting my mind back, owner Ron Martin is trying to find a buyer for the club whilst not having filed accounts at Companies House for as far back as 31/07/2020.

He has filed three years since but the accounts to 31/07/23 are still overdue.

Anyway, a potential buyer, with all the facts and figures, has been found and season 23/24 starts for the team.

A 10-point deduction and struggling for players.

Despite all that the team’s season can be classed as successful and the team, manager, staff and supporters should all be really proud.

Another court case looming, which will be adjourned again.

Now it is just about getting the right deal for SUFC, Ron Martin and everyone else involved regarding the development at Fossett’s Farm.

Ron Martin’s deal would be to build the homes and have a guaranteed rental income and he can sit back, wait for x number of years and he has recouped his outlay and still owns the property.

The results of the local elections have meant a shake-up at the council. Mr Cox wants to cling on to power because he sees himself as the only one that can get SUFC the deal they need.

I feel sure that everyone else now involved want SUFC to start next season with massive optimism.

Can he not understand the concerns everyone has with the potential losses that in my view are highly likely to occur with the Southend Council taxpayers picking up the bill.

Southend Council’s record of with council taxpayers’ money is not good.

The council paid £10m for the Victoria Shopping Centre and apparently has not received anything back yet for that investment.

Who makes these decisions? I suspect they pay massive fees to advisors.

Anyway, I am at an age where this won’t affect me but I just wanted to have my say.


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