SOUTHEND United fans are again fearing for the future of the football club.

Supporters have continued to back the Shrimpers in big numbers despite the ongoing off-field issues.

But, following an update on the Fossetts Farm project by new council leader Daniel Cowan, fans are now starting to worry what will happen next.

And lifelong supporter Lee Smith remains concerned there is still no date set for due diligence to be completed.

“It’s an informative update, but it’s missing the key detail we all desperately need which is a firm date, or even a loose target date of when due diligence may conclude,” said Smith, 42.

“This is very concerning, considering we are back in court in under five weeks.

“I fail to understand how a DD process of this magnitude cannot have a target completion date attached to it.

“A date should be visible and SCC along with the outside agencies working on it should be held accountable.

“We all know where a lot of the delays stem from and for that and everything else, they shall never be forgiven.

“But it’s not at all helpful just saying this and that needs doing.

“Set a date and work to it.

“If you fail to meet it, grow some, face the music and apply pressure where and how it is needed to get it done.

“The fans have been beyond patient but they too have no choice now but to apply their own pressure again where they see fit.”

Blues fans held regular protests against chairman Ron Martin last summer.

But Nick Hardy, another passionate fan, fears too much damage has now been done.

“I think we are screwed if I’m honest,” said Hardy.

“This whole process is going to go on beyond how long the consortium are willing to hang on.

“They are not willing to have another season jeopardised and rightly so.”

Blues are due back in the High Court in late June due to a winding up petition from Stewarts Law which has already been adjourned twice.

And that has added to supporters’ worries for their football club.

“It can’t see it being resolved before the petition debt,” said Shrimpers fan Adam Luck.

“We need Stewarts Law to drop the petition if we’re going to survive I think.

“If the consortium pay the debt they’re setting a precedent that Ron Martin would take advantage of and every other creditor would also come out of the woodwork.

“It’s worrying to say the least.”

And Daniel Mays, another dedicated fan, shares those concerns.

“Again we’re hanging on a tightrope,” said Mays.

“No real outcome and no idea on length or timeline.

“Would appear right now the takeover is moving further away and surely the consortium won’t continue to pump money in without guarantees.

“Fear that we may lose a couple of players albeit for fees before the takeover happens.”

And the anger of supporters is still being directed towards the chairman.

“Too many councils are going bankrupt at the moment so you can understand them being hesitant and cautious whilst dealing with Ron Martin,” said Southend supporter Tom Salmon.

“Maybe if Ron Martin and the developers were to share all of the information required, things might be going through a little quicker.

“One man to blame and that’s Ron Martin.”

And Edan Farmer fears there is now no saving the Shrimpers .

“It’s a complete mess, FC United of Southend looks like it’s coming,” he added.