ANOTHER Echo reader has their say on Southend United's future.

I read with interest Tony Cox’s statement that there were no red flags over the Fossetts Farm plan, only discussion points.

Deals such as these always have a number agreed upfront. Tony and it appears Tony alone knows that number.

I personally warned him that the deal creates a massive liquidity and bankruptcy risk to the council.

The council response “we will need to save for a rainy day” (cabinet meeting 29/4).

The risks were downplayed in the papers and the meetings.

It’s clear now that taxpayers will ultimately make a payment of £20million to SUFC.

The council response: “No cost to the taxpayer”.

He played the fans and residents, and his bet of winning more votes failed.

Now we are in the position of choosing council vs club.

The club could’ve spent the last year working on a different way to save itself, Tony wasted that time on a deal that should never happen.

And Ron is laughing all the way to the bank.

Just tell the truth Tony!

Daniel Cowan – invest £20m in the club if you have to but putting the council into bankruptcy is unforgivable.

By investing direct, you at least use the capital budget, not the revenue, and you give fans some security.


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