ICE-HOCKEY starlet Jake Radev will make his international debut for England this weekend.

The 10-year-old net-minder, from Great Wakering, caught the eye of the selectors during a number of trials.

And Jake’s dad Justin Pugh is exceptionally proud of the youngster’s progress which have been achieved against the odds.

“A lot of other children in the UK at most ages are accessing coaching or practice up to seven days per week but Jake is normally around three to four hours per week maximum over a two day period,” explained Justin.

“Quality coaching and facilities are incredibly difficult to access and goal-tending specific training is even worse.

“For example, there are about 52 active ice rinks in England, Scotland and Wales.

“ In the city of Toronto there are 53 mechanically outdoor operated rinks alone, plus multiple indoor facilities.

“Over here it’s £360 an hour for a lesson as well so it’s tough but we’re super proud of what he’s achieving.”

Jake’s England debut will see him taking on Scotland this weekend. And Justin is certain his son benefits from playing a range of different sports.

“Jake is highly active and always participates in multiple sports,” said Justin.

“This is what has led him to be such a dynamic, explosive and powerful young athlete.

“Across the world it is well documented that the best ice hockey goal-tenders are people that have participated in multiple sports. The goal-tending position is a highly dynamic, physically demanding and disciplined position requiring maximum concentration compared to outfield players.

“Most outfield players would operate between 30 seconds to two minutes maximum in a match as Jake would be required to concentrate for the whole 60 minutes, training is even more intense.

“Jake attends gymnastics, disciplined martial arts, bootcamps and private fitness sessions plus participating in most other recreational sports such as tennis, swimming, climbing which is great.”

However, ice hockey has made the biggest impression on Jake.

“We watched an ice-hockey match while on holiday in America and I didn’t think Jake was really taking much of it in,” said Justin.

“But when we got back to the hotel he said he wanted to be a net-minder and that he wanted that to be his job when he was older.”

Jake now plays his club ice-hockey for Peterborough Phantoms and regularly travels all over to train. The youngster has benefited from working with physiotherapist Nick Karaiskos, Andy Knight from Yard Fitness, osteopath Matthew Oliver and his nutrition sponsor PHD/SIS Nutrition.

But Justin is still seeking further help.

“Jake is still operating on 80 per cent less training than all the other serious competitors at various ages up to senior level, so we are led to believe,” said Justin.

“It’s an incredibly expensive sport but they’re can’t be too many internationals to have come from Wakering so if any companies were keen on sponsoring Jake we’d love to hear from them. We also need sponsorship for a car.”

A Go-Fund Me page has also been launched to help generate funds.

A £10,000 target has been set.