LOYAL Blues fans have issued an impassioned plea for Southend Council and Ron Martin to “repay” the consortium for its dedication, commitment, and huge financial input.

The consortium, led by Australian businessman Justin Rees, has funnelled more than £3.5million into Southend United by paying staff, players and clearing debts.

However, on Friday, the consortium demanded reassurances from Southend Council and Blues chairman Martin, if it is going to clear an outstanding £500,000 debt ahead of a High Court hearing on June 26.

Shrimpers fan, Terry Edwards, has called Justin and the consortium “incredible” and has expressed amazement that the group have continued despite “opportunities to walk away”.

He said: “It is absolutely incredible, they are just unbelievable really, and for Justin to keep with the club is amazing.

“I just wonder why really, after all this, he has clearly fallen in love with it all and that is what has made them spend the £3.5m.

“It seems almost crazy you’d do this without any thought on that, I do think the consortium needs to be helped back by the council.

“Back in the meetings I have watched, the council seemed so supportive. And with how many people go to games in the council, I didn’t quite realise that level of support, they need to support the consortium.”

Terry added: “They have been entirely balked by the developers and fingers crossed, we need to keep supporting them because the future they promised is so exciting.”

Previously, the consortium insisted it would pay no more of the struggling National League club’s pre-existing debts, but has now said it will clear the £500,000 owed to Stewarts Law if it receives additional reassurances and timelines from Southend Council and Mr Martin.

Another supporter, David Matthews, said: “I am surprised they haven’t just walked away.

“It speaks a lot for them as a group, they are £3.5m down and they need to salvage something. When you look at it, their plan B is to lose £3.5m.

“What they put forward is reasonable. The council may not be able to dot all the i’s, but they could make that commitment. Justin and the consortium have supported this in good faith and they deserve respect in return.”