SOUTHEND United fans are feeling worse than ever before as they near D-day for the club’s future.

Blues’ controversial chairman has until tomorrow to decide whether or not to accept the revised Fossetts Farm plans from Southend Council which are crucial to keeping the club alive.

But lifelong fan John Keddy admits finding the situation almost too much to take.

“It’s honestly torture having to go through this,” said Keddy.

“I’ve been watching Southend since the 1960s and there are tough times like there are with any team you support in the lower leagues but this is just something else.

“This is by far the worst I’ve ever felt as a Southend fan and what’s worse is that we can’t do anything about it.

“It’s like having a family member in hospital and it’s really got to me.

“I still have hope, you have to I think following Blues, but after everything we’ve been through it wears you down.

“And the fact we’re relying on Ron Martin is a situation nobody wants to be in.”

Martin and his family and been lodged in talks with the Council again this week but no official update has yet to be made.

The Echo understands those involved in the talks are hopeful a way forward can still be agreed.

But James Alden is among those still worrying.

“I think when the deadline was issued by the council it was seen as a positive but I worry it will still drag on and on,” said Alden.

“What the consortium do then and what happens with the winding up petition too?

“It’s almost too painful to think about but that’s the reality of the situation we’re in right now.”