SOUTHEND United fans have been having their say following another day of fearing for the club's future.

The leader of Southend City Council Daniel Cowan confirmed in a statement earlier this evening that terms had been partially met on the revised plans for Fossetts Farm with further work now due to continue next week.

And the Shrimpers long-suffering supporters continue to worry how long the club has left.

Blues fan Andrew Soul said: "Years and years of history, many years of future memories, loads of livelihoods and a huge amount of mental health all played with and toyed with by one family.

"It’s mind blowing that this is still going on with no end in sight."

The Fossetts Farm deal must be agreed before the consortium can officially take charge of the club.

And the group of businessmen, headed up by Justin Rees, are taking their time to digest the latest developments before responding.

The ongoing uncertainty continues to hit Blues fans hard, including lifelong supporter Scott Barber.

"Actually lost any interest in the Southend situation now," said Barber.

"So mentally draining and it’s sad to feel I’m losing interest in something that is quite simply my life."

And Andy Thorne is another Blues fan to be fearing the worst.

"Utter fear and gut wrenching worry I won’t have my beloved Shrimpers," said Thorne.

"It chokes me the past 18 months, my love for SUFC has crystallised further.

"I've had to confront a world without them.

"It makes me sick, it makes me cry.

"It will destroy me."

Mike Jones added: "Greed beyond belief, devastated I can’t help the club I have loved and watched home and away as a kid and have introduced to my seven-year-old son who now has a real soft spot for the team and management.

"It seems everywhere that money is killing sport."

The Shrimpers are back in the High Court on Wednesday due to a winding up petition issued by Stewarts Law and PG Site Services.

And that has increased the worries of fans, including Martin Harris.

"Same old, same old," said Harris.

"It (the statement) doesn’t deal with the immediate concern as to is anyone going to pay off the Winding Up Order debt next week?

"All this talking about the development is irrelevant if the club folds next week!

"COSU may run out of patience and pull out I fear very soon."

Another fan added: "If the consortium walk away, or if the National League kick us out it's deserved.

"Just start again at the bottom and have done with it."