THE Southend United supporter groups have urged controversial chairman Ron Martin to see common sense during a “crucial 24 hours for the club.’.

The consortium, headed up by Justin Rees, are now looking to save the Shrimpers by completing their takeover before the revised plans for the Fossetts Farm project are agreed.

And, in a statement issued on Tuesday afternoon, the supporter groups have demanded Martin finally does what is needed to save the Shrimpers before it is too late.

The statement said: “The next 24 hours are crucial for our football club.

“We hope this will be the last time the future is held in the hands of one man but, for now, Ron Martin simply must take the only option available to him and cede to the wishes of the local Council, of COSU and of the club’s long- suffering supporters.”

Martin remains in talks with the council over his property plans.

But the group have urged him to finally do what is right for the club.

“Everyone involved in this takeover is aware that Ron Martin only has one option to deliver his housing: Southend-on-Sea City Council,” said the statement.

“He has run out of road and he knows it; weeks of last-minute tweaks are over.

“This really is it.

“Ron Martin must finally admit that to himself.

“Take this deal or lose everything.

“In the latter scenario, the unthinkable happens; everyone’s dreams will die at the behest of one man, and he – and his family – will forever be remembered for gambling and losing, holding a city to ransom whilst destroying one of its prized possessions. Southend United means so much to so many people. “ The statement stressed the importance of the club to the local community and also praised the work being done by Southend City Council and the consortium in trying to protect the club’s future.

“We thank Southend-on-Sea City Council and COSU for their continued endeavours, and for presenting a resolution that could save Southend United FC,” said the statement.

“Unfortunately, this is only one of many roads reaching a potentially catastrophic end.”

The importance of the talks have been ramped up by an ultimatum from the National League.

Blues must pay a bond of £1million to ensure the club can kick off the forthcoming season unless the takeover is completed.

And the supporter groups are disappointed with the league’s decision.

The statement added: “The league’s general manager, Mark Ives, was quoted at the first sitting of the Football Governance Bill committee as saying that the National League’s financial regulations are “not just about sanctions, but about helping the club make sure that they do not fall off the edge.

“We have been able to assist [those] clubs to make sure that they survive.

“Now is the time for the National League to practice what they have preached and show greater compassion regarding the payment terms of this bond, at the very least, to ensure the club survives.

“We understand you are as sick of Ron Martin as we are, but please do not punish us for his sins.

“Now is not the time for others to play games.

“Don’t be the ones to kill the club.”

The groups also pleaded patience to the club’s creditors and also issued a plea to the football authorities to ensure football and property speculation are forever kept apart.

The statement said: “Football and property speculation must be untangled.

“Too many times football has said ‘this must be the last time’.

“And yet now, once again, our club is on the precipice.

“Punishments and regulations must affect owners, not fans, players, coaches and staff.

“Mechanisms need to be put in place to stop this, and we implore all parliamentary candidates for the upcoming General Election to commit to an independent football regulator that puts fans first, and business second.”

The full statement from the groups can be read here.