SOUTHEND United legend Peter Taylor believes the consortium deserve immense praise for trying to keep the club alive.

The group of business, which is headed up by Justin Rees, have pumped almost £4million into the Shrimpers despite having not officially taking over.

And former Blues winger and manager Taylor is incredibly impressed by the commitment they have shown.

“It’s amazing what they’re doing,” said Taylor.

“They deserve a lot of credit for trying to keep the club going and trying to take over too.

“One thing is for sure, they’ve definitely shown their commitment already with the amount they’ve invested.

“If they can get it through then it shows it will be beneficial for Kevin (Maher) and everyone.

“It’s obvious they’re serious and doing things right which is great.”

Blues supporters have been sweating over the future of their football club for the past few seasons.

And Taylor, who is based in Thorpe Bay, remains in awe of the level of support his hometown club receive.

“I’ve seen lots of clubs and supporters over the years and it amazes me the way fans get behind their local teams,” said Taylor.

“One thing for sure about Southend is the backing they get is brilliant.

“When Steve Tilson was there I thought all of a sudden we had a proper crowd.

“There was a real family togetherness for the club and they were getting more people than before Steve was there.

“That’s where I saw the importance of it and it’s a fantastic football club.

“ It’s got a really good name and it’s a lot of people’s main interest in life.

“It means so much to people and to the area as well.

“Blimey, we don’t not want to have our football club in our area so it’s a nervous time.”

And Taylor’s own involvement with the club strengthens his desire for it to be saved.

“I’ve got brilliant memories,” said Taylor.

“I signed as an apprentice and played for the team a month later against Chelmsford.

“To get the welcome I did when I became manager and had my first game against West Brom I’ll never forget but I’d prefer to remember things like that knowing the football club is still there. “