SOUTHEND United legend Chris Powell insists things should have been allowed to get so bad for Blues.

Powell made 290 appearances for the Shrimpers at the start of his illustrious career before returning for a 13 month spell as manager in January 2018.

And the 54-year-old has been saddened to see his former side fighting to survive.

“I really don’t even know where to start when it comes to talking about Southend,” said Powell.

“On one hand Ron(Martin) has put money in and there’s no doubting that over the years but it should never have got to this.

“New ownership has been in the pipeline for so long but it’s not officially happened and there have been times where the club is on the brink.

“It just shouldn’t happen and Southend’s support is second to none in their league.

“The core of that support will always be there and I just saddens me they’ve been treated this way.

“They should have a club and a stadium that’s befitting of their support.”

Instead of that however, Blues fans have been left sweating on whether or not the club would be able to kick off the forthcoming National League campaign.

But, despite the off-field difficulties, head coach Kevin Maher has been able to work wonders.

And Powell is full of praise for the job Maher has done.

“What Kev Maher has done there, with sometimes having one or two subs last year, is quite remarkable,” said Powell.

“We’ve kept in contact and I’ve wished him well.

“He has the qualities to push the team on and even last year without the 10 point handicap they would’ve made the top seven which is incredible given everything that was going on.

“I have to congratulate him and the players for what they’ve gone through but now it’s about having a football club there for the foreseeable future.

“Hopefully they can build from there and move on.

“It’s a real shame but I always look out for the results and I hope so much that the club has a positive way forward because that’s what everyone needs.”