Career high: Making my debut in the Premier League with Charlton against Manchester United at Old Trafford when I was 18.

Career low: Getting relegated with Charlton.

Superstitions: I have a few actually. My right foot always has to go onto the pitch first and I will put my left boot on first. I also say a prayer just before kick-off.

Boyhood hero: I had three. Rio Ferdinand, Ian Wright and the Brazilian Ronaldo.

Best player played with: Andy Reid when I was at Charlton.

And against: I’d have to say Ryan Giggs.

Favourite ever goal: I’ve haven’t scored yet in my career

FAVOURITES Food: Italian, West Indian and Gastro

Drink: Water

Film: Casino Music: Hip-hop


Funniest: James Walker and Simon Francis

Worst dressed: Ian Joyce, not just the worst here but the worst in League One.

Thickest: There are a couple but I’ll go for Lee Sawyer. We are just waiting for him to turn up on the Jeremy Kyle show!

Worst trainer: Wiggy (Craig Calver) – he has a lot to learn.

Tightest: Anthony Grant.

Room-mate: Anthony Grant. He’s alright and very good at bringing treats for himself but you can forget about him ever buying me a drink at the petrol station!