KING John School is celebrating a successful sporting year.

The Thundersley secondary school has enjoyed triumphs over a range of disciplines since September.

The most recent was taking overall victory in the Castle Point and Rochford senior district athletics championships.

“Overall, it has been one of the most successful years across the board for a few years,” said Leigh Cann, a PE teacher at the school in Shipwrights Drive.

“The staff and students have worked very hard this year and we have a strong crop of students at the moment. I also think success breeds success.

“Some of them have competed for the school for the last five years and it is a nice way for them to finish their school sport career.”

The girls team continued King John’s strong showing in recent years at the senior district championships, which is for pupils in Years 10 and 11 and was held at Melbourne Park in Chelmsford.

Alysha Mitchell led the way with a hat-trick of gold medals in the 80 hurdles, triple jump and 4x100 relay.

Becky Frazer was also part of the winning relay team and took gold in the 100m, with Jessica Gale taking twin wins in the 4x100 and 300m hurdles.

Paige Kemp was victorious in the javelin and Lauren Baxter completed the winning 4x100 relay team.

King John have also won the district athletics overall for the last two years, encompassing the junior and senior sections. The juniors will compete in their district championships at the end of June.