AN event for would-be junior anglers to try sea fishing has been hailed a hit.

The day-long event was held on Southend Pier on Saturday and attracted 27 juniors aged between nine and 16 years.

“The feedback from parents and the juniors has been fantastic, with many of them asking when we are going to do it again,” said Mick Sharp, who helped organise the event.

Some of the youngsters will definitely be back and others are keen to fish the Thorpe Bay Angling Association Pier Open match later this year.

The juniors spent the day with 12 volunteer anglers who offered tips on all aspects of sea fishing.

Zak Steggles landed a 14oz flounder while fishing with Stan Burton.

Henry Alington, fishing with Barry Tilson, dropped a 2lb bass on his first cast of the event.

Twelve small bass and three flounders were caught altogether.

The event was organised by Southend Pier Angling Forum and TBAA, with support from Anglers Trust regional development officer Johnathan Wilson and Southend Council’s Lynn Jones and Pete Fitzgibbon.

Rory Coarse from Southend Angling Centre and Rash from Jetty Anglers lent demonstration equipment and donated prizes.

The volunteer anglers were: Stan Burton, Doug Hannaby, John Pitkin, Colin White, Barry Tilson, Graham Holloway, Rick Hodgson, Phil Baxter, Mick Sharp, Gordon Farrell, Graham Bolton, Jason Fairless.

All the juniors were offered free membership to Anglers Trust and TBAA.