THIRTEEN anglers from the Thorpe Bay Angling Association made the short trip to Grays where sport was a little slow but some good fish were landed.

A number of undersized specimens showed along with those brought to the scales: 11 sole, four flounder and one bass.

Tony Revell took the honours with five soles and one flounder, while Jason Fairless may well take this year’s Sole Trophy with one at 1lb. Ian Wicker had a plump flounder at 1lb, while junior member Daniel Bull had his first ever sole at 7oz.

Brian Gorner was happy to land his only fish with his last cast of the day — the lone bass at 1 7oz.

July started well with a boat match on Predator out of Wallasea, and Revell again took the honours with five smooth-hounds, including a personal best of 16lb 2oz. A total of 37 smooth-hounds, one dogfish and one undersize bass were caught and released.

This month’s activities finish with two pier matches – one at Clacton Pier today and a home match on Southend Pier on July 22.

Thorpe Bay’s journey south to Deal Pier last month saw a reasonable number of fish up to 1lb 7oz recorded and released. Unfortunately they were only dogfish as none of the bass showed.