THE brave anglers fishing at Doggetts have spent weeks protecting themselves from the elements.

Sport had been slow during the recent torrential rain, but all that changed on Saturday as the amount of fish caught improved as the weather improved.

The majority of the carp landed were only doubles leaving the bigger fish to put on weight and provide good sport in the autumn, but the fish that were landed all had tails like sails and fought like twenties.

Dean Mesher landed so many tench that he lost count, but the bigger fish gave him good sport and certainly exceeded 30 fish.

Dave Leiper fished number one swim on the road bank and had plenty of tench and a 14lb mirror.

Friend and fishing rival, Mike Spooner, landed several good tench and two scrappy mid-double mirrors from the long arm. Rochford ’s Mike Blacklog fished several sessions with floaters and lost some quality fish before banking two mid-doubles from the short arm.

Ben Poxen fished through the last torrential shower in number one swim on the north bank for four good fish to 24lb on Eclipse baits, having first got pestered by numerous tench.

Matt Oval proved that carp feed during intense heat by landing two mid-doubles and losing a much more powerful specimen. Doggetts regular Nick Fuller has struggled on occasions but excelled himself by landing three carp during an evening fishing session with his son.

Gary Pipe returned to Doggetts after a long rest and landed fish of 13lb and 19lb on bottom baits from within the island swim, while Rob Snowden is one of the few anglers to manage to land fish on floaters when fishing the south bank.

After numerous takes from a large shoal of feeding fish, Snowden banked three fish to 25lb.

Respected angling tackle designer Ian Simmons spent a leisurely day enjoying the sunshine and companionship whilst waiting for the best fishing conditions when the sun drops in the evening. Fishing the long arm with Eclipse boilies, Simmons converted five takes into three fish, only upper doubles but all providing great sport.

l The Essex Summer League starts at Grays on Sunday, August 5, with the match running between 1.45pm and 6.15pm. Pre-book only with Ian Reynolds on 07791 234318.

l Rochford angler Dave Tanner finished third in section B at the Isle of Grain Open in Kent on Sunday.

Rochford’s Russell Clark was fourth in section B, with Benfleet ’s Ian Reynolds fourth in section A.