DOGGETTS bailiff Matt Price landed a fine 23lb 12oz mirror carp — with a bit of help from his nine-year-old daughter.

Ellie was on hand to sort out the chaos as the battling fish took out her father’s other rods during the evening session.

Price brought the fish to the south bank and returned it after a group photograph. He also landed three mid-doubles.

The carp anglers enjoyed a cracking week at the Rochford water with fish being landed from a variety of swims day and night.

Bailiff Ian Simmons fished an evening on the long arm and banked two carp to 17lb on Eclipse baits.

Anthony Gull enjoyed a couple of brief trips to the north bank where the bailiff’s renowned stalking tactics landed two fully-scaled specimens of 18lb and 22lb, a common of 15lb, plus a couple of double-figure mirrors with Eclipse baits.

The Rochford water continues to enjoy a mini bonanza as autumn creeps on.

The float fishing is producing good roach bream and some stunning tench to 7lb, but maggots are essential.

Those fishing the margins are finding some good perch but the larger fish may require a move or two.

Sean Vincent only caught one fish during his night session on the north bank, but his 30-minute duel with a 32.5lb mirror was a worthwhile reward.

Ebo Hacisevki returned armed with a variety of Eclipse baits. He lost two fish before landing seven carp, including commons of 17lb and 22lbs, plus mirrors of 15lb, 17lb and 22lb.

Dan Fuller dusted off his rods to return to angling for the first time in 10 years.

Parenthood prevented him from fishing during that time, but he made up for lost time by landing 11 carp in a haul that totalled more than 160lb.

Six of the fish weighed between 15lb and 21lbs and he also caught bream and tench.