Inconsistency is so annoying but in all honestly we do not have a good enough team to make the play-offs.


Same team as Boxing Day but you wouldn’t have known it, No player can say they turned up. Poor performance all round.


Very, very poor performance. Seems like we’ve forgotten what form is like, can’t follow up a win with a good performance. Big, big games upcoming.


Another very disappointing performance. Shrewsbury showed us just how far away we really are to being a play-off contender. We’ve scored just 30 goals in 25 League games and have the poorest group of strikers in many years. New blood urgently needed in January window.


Forget play-offs, we’re not good enough. Midfield didn’t turn up apart from Leonard and Ranger can’t score. Cox best forward and Brown subbed him. Crazy!


Anymore talk of the blasted play-offs is laughable at best and delusional at worst. Play-offs will require 15 wins from final 21 games, Absurd to be even mentioning them.


Pitch is embarrassing. Used to be proud of it, now it's a disgrace. Useless display apart from about 15 minutes in the second half, even then was not good enough in front of goal and poor decisions being made all over the pitch.


We gave it a go in the second half but damage already done. Not helped by substitutions which brought on two lightweight players in an additional game. Pitch is dire.


This has to be one of the most under achieving sides I've seen in 30 years of following Blues. No desire, no legs, no excitement. Totally uninspiring. Brown has to stop dangling the play-off carrot and get real. We are a mid-table team of has-beens.