HOW social media reacted to Southend United's latest defeat. 


We can’t keep saying the same things each week. Something has to change now. All I can say is thank you to the fans for the effort and commitment you show us week in, week out. You deserve better.



Always a worry when your manager seems bereft of confidence two weeks in. Slating players, chucking in kids and hauling them off. I hate sacking managers but it might be good for all parties to take stock and see if this is a bit of an error.


Lincoln were first to the ball, crowded us out and made it look easy. They took their foot off the gas towards the end and showboated. It was embarrassing. It needs to stop and quickly. Lets put it right on Tuesday night and kick on.


Embarrassing excuse of a ‘performance’. We’re in deep, deep trouble.


Lincoln won’t have an easier game this season. First 25 minutes we were OK and after their goal we collapsed. Worse than anything last season. Something is very wrong. Embarrassing.


Embarrassing, spineless, soulless, no inspiration from the manager. Cox was non existent. Any system we try doesn’t work. Is it May yet?


Shameful display. Never seen a Southend team in my lifetime with such little backbone and resilience. The scary thing is we’re not even creating chances either, leaving us as pretty useless at both ends of the pitch.


Utterly shambolic.


The reality is that we have a League Two squad of players. We may just survive, we may not. Too early to tell. But I, like most others, am getting bored and losing interest in this season already.


Humiliating. Spent the journey from Lincoln trying to think of a positive from the game and have now given up. Nothing but negatives and Bond in his own words learnt nothing.