SOUTHEND United's fans have their say on Tuesday night's 2-0 defeat to Peterborough United at Roots Hall.

We’re changing formation, system and line-up in every game. Nothing is being created in the final third and team looks totally disorganised, disjointed and devoid of confidence. Possession is conceded too often and haven’t kept a clean sheet for eight months. Other than that all’s well.


Stop trying to play the team like we’re Man City – we’re not. Trying to play the ball out of defence when we’re low on confidence is plain madness. I thought we played well in the first half but heads dropped once the goals went in. Impressed with Hamilton and Goodship.


0 points after four games says it all.


Nasty air around the club and a very poor mentality ingrained into the squad. The first goal seems to dictate the result and our defence are consistently guilty of giving that away. From there, it seems there is no fight and no route back into the game. Awful quotes from Bond too.


Ron Martin has had some tough decisions to make of late and now he has another one. I won’t slate his character but Bond seems to have lost the enthusiasm of the crowd and the squad and is playing a system that’s failing. Basically six at the back at home. No thanks.


Bring in Gary Rowett please. That’s even if he’d want to come here. Bond’s trying to play Premier League football with a struggling League One outfit. Same problems as last season, we need a no nonsense manager to get us back to basics. Humphrys has to be starting.


No consolation but best we played so far this season. Hamilton, Goodship, Ralph, Mantom and Elvis played well but still all very worrying. Still not enjoying the slow build up play that comes to nothing and ends up back where we started or playing us into trouble.


After a shaky start we knocked the ball around well and played some good football. However, not taking the few chances we had cost us against a team that have much more quality up top. Hamilton was impressive though!


Bond has no idea on best 11 or best formation. Creativity was our biggest gap last year. Not addressed this season in transfer window and a ‘manager’ that slams strikers when there is no service. Not picking Humphrys is criminal, to the point it must be personal.


The formation was pretty but wrong. The players were statuesque and out-fought to every ball. The team was aimless, toothless and has been stripped of all confidence. And the manager stood inanimate, watching helplessly and without a clue how to fix it. If he stays, we’re down.


The object of the game is to score more goals than your opponent. Bond set the team up to contain not create. The outcome was inevitable even before we conceded. Five at the back and a deep midfielder yet their forwards had so much space? Bond’s comments were an embarrassment.