SOUTHEND United fans have their say on Saturday's 4-3 defeat to Wycombe Wanderers. 

Each game under Bond decreases my life expectancy a little more. Think it’s time to thank him for last season and sack him. Defensively shambolic.


Came into the game expecting nothing, started playing well, got something and then we changed formation and mentality and it was taken away from us. Throwing away a 3-1 lead is criminal.


Worst start in our entire history. Criminal to lose as we did. Unbearable supporting this club at the moment. Ron you have some thinking to do.


Simply time to go. Clueless and seemingly unpopular even with the players who don’t perform for him. If he stays we are simply down.


Yet another incredibly frustrating result. Bond says he needs two transfer windows to turn it around but Saturday’s team had 50 per cent of his signings and still no League win. Something has to change.


Totally tactically wrong. Why take off both goalscorers? Humphrys seemed to be having an awesome game, holding the ball up, attacking their defence and scoring two stunning goals. Attack is the best form of defence.


Every sub made us worse. Most depressing point was there was nothing shocking about the last few minutes.


Offensively looked good, defensively woeful. Goodship looked lively and positive. Once Humphrys went off, we had nothing attacking about us.


Poor management to try and sit back for almost 35 minutes. Go for a fourth and end the game.


Should come as no surprise that we can’t sit back and defend a lead, especially for half an hour. So not sure why Bond thought otherwise. It seems we’ve learned nothing from last year.


Yet another defeat down to the manager. The subs and change of formation were completely unnecessary.


Kevin Bond I'm sure is a nice man but he's manager. Thanks for Sunderland but it's time to do the right thing and give us a chance. We are a good team on paper but we need a different voice to make us a good team on the pitch.


Hope Ron holds his hands up, accepts he made a poor decision and brings in a new manager who understands tactics, man management and has an ounce of passion towars this team and club. We know we are doomed with Bond.


Worst start to season ever in history of the club. His post match interviews are terrible. Hate to think what he says to the players after the games. Players need to take some responsibility too. Conceding two goals late on is very poor.