SOUTHEND United fans have their say on Saturday's 3-0 defeat to Rochdale at Roots Hall

I gave Bond numerous chances at the start of the season yet the performances have got worse and worse. It’s our worst ever start. Bond doesn’t know his best team or formation and he’s still blaming last year’s players. The players just aren’t playing for him. I think his time is up.


Players look bereft of ideas in systems that don’t work. Nothing is coming right for us and that’s down to poor management.


Lost six games to basic functional teams but they all had a system they understood, bought into and stuck with. Bond has tried about 12 different systems, all to no effect. Also our opponents have picked their best players (Bwomono) and played them in their proper position (Goodship).


Southend fans, in general, are very patient with managers and want the best for them but Saturday showed the fans don’t want him and neither do the players who put in a spineless display.


The players have to take a share of the blame but the buck stops with Bond.


Our League record this season reads 006. Hopefully Ron Martin isn’t waiting for it to be 007 before he say goodbye Mr Bond.When he does it won’t be so much the end of an era, just the end of an error.


Nothing short of a disgrace. This is the weakest team both physically and mentally I’ve seen in my lifetime. Another game, another formation and more questions that answers. The only answer I got is that Bond needs to go before next weekend.


Bond simply has to go, can’t see him turning this around. However, some of the players were quite frankly embarrassing. I know confidence is shot but if you can’t be bothered to do the basics right, like tracking your man, then you’ve not got a hope.


The most toxic atmosphere I’ve ever witnessed at a football match.


Worst I’ve seen for many years, possibly ever.


For those that can remember this is Dick Bate Mark II and it's not funny anymore. He has to go NOW. The players are wandering around like 11 strangers with no direction, passion or idea of what they should be doing.


The manager's post match comments show how out of his depth he is.


Sad to say Mr Bond appears to be out of his depth. There is no passion from the sideline with very little input from his assistants. When there was a drinks break in the second half he just stood on the sideline not offering anything to the players. It's time for a change.