JAMES Schooley is the latest Blues fans to have his say.

Another match, another inconsistent and baffling team selection and tactical set-up, strange set of substitutions, show of disunity between manager and players and embarrassing, bordering on incomprehensible, post-match interview where Kevin Bond blames everyone and everything other than himself.

All pretty predictable really.

The only surprising thing was that Bond wasn’t put out of his misery and relieved of his duties immediately after Saturday’s horror show. No points from six games and our worst ever start to a season. Pretty damning.

We showed some nice touches and played a little bit of football in the first half hour on Saturday but without ever really threatening and once Rochdale scored the first goal, heads dropped and the game was gone.

Whether it’s a lack of fitness, lack of morale or an apathetic lack of belief in what they are being asked to do I don’t know but there seems to be a pattern emerging of the team sitting back and allowing the opposition all of the time and space in the world on the ball.

The manner in which goals are being conceded and games lost is seriously concerning.

The buck ultimately stops with the manager and ours is out of his depth. I’m not a fan of running a manager’s merry-go-round and it is something that the chairman has thankfully avoided in the past.

But I have seen nothing to suggest that Kevin Bond has the ability and self-awareness, nor commands enough respect, to get us out of this mess.

I can’t remember the last time a concerted effort was made by multiple stands at Roots Hall to chant for a manager’s removal - I think you’d have to go back 20 years to Alvin Martin’s last few games in charge here and that’s saying something.

It’s time to make a change and bring in somebody with fresh ideas. Somebody with motivational skills and who will go right back to basics, playing players in their correct positions and roles, and making us solid and hard to beat.

With the Portsmouth match postponed we now have two weeks until the next League match - the perfect time to make a change.

If it gets left any longer then we might as well write-off this season and check-out until next August, because it already feels like this season is pretty much over after six League matches unless something changes quickly.