SOUTHEND United's fans have their say on the Shrimpers' ongoing struggles. 

It goes a lot deeper than the manager. Something seems rotten to the core right now. A change is needed at the top. We need a CEO before we appoint a new manager as I’m worried about who Ron would appoint.


Our record over the last 18 months shows there is a big problem within the club. It looks like a complete overhaul of the club is needed. As for the management team, it is clear that the players and fans have zero confidence in them. Can’t see where the next point or goal is coming from.


Just what is it going to take for Mr Martin to shove out Bond as we should be going forwards as a club this season but instead we keep falling back further and further.


Disgraceful from everyone involved, as much as it’s Bond’s fault it’s also the players’ and to not even give fans a reason as to what went wrong or an update on anything is disgusting. The sooner he’s gone the better.


Just the same old at this point. There’s no signs of life and we seem to be setting new lows every week. I try not to jump aboard the sacking ship but we’re at an all-time low.


The fact we are the only team in all of England’s four tiers of football without a point is disgusting. Any other club, the manager would’ve been sacked. Get Bond out of our club.


We played some decent stuff in patches but against Orient’s reserves. The apparent depth of the problems at the football club is extremely worrying. The most despondent I have been as a Southend supporter since the Alvin Martin days.


For one of the very few times in 26 years of supporting I don’t look forward to or en

joy going to games.


I still do not think the club has hit the depths of the mid-1980s but the fans’ confidence seems at an all-time low.


Normally I would look forward to an away fixture at Portsmouth. Instead I had an overwhelming sense of relief that the game has been postponed. Bond is sucking the life out of our club. Ron needs to act swiftly on his return to put both us and Bond out of our misery.


Bad result and season a nightmare already. Bond’s style of play seemed fine but we lose every game so it isn’t working and can’t see this changing until he goes. Defence is awful, midfield weak and forwards are starved of service. Hate going to games now just to see us lose.