SOUTHEND United's fans have their say on Kevin Bond's departure.

Better late than never


Had to happen, didn’t see anything changing in the foreseeable future. Personal choice would be Gary Rowett (if money allows), would be OK with Parkinson too. Think Michael Flynn is a criminally underrated manager who hasn’t been given a mention and I would happily take him.


Any new manager is a gamble and Steve Tilson is proof you just need to be the right man at the right time. I’d give Barrett a shot with possibly Tilson as assistant. Wouldn’t be adverse to Parkinson but would he want it.


Barrett and Kevin Maher should be involved in the club, both bring passion and the knowledge of the Roots Hall culture, but under the wing of a Manager who can demonstrate lower league pedigree and previous success. Someone who ‘has been there and done it’.


It's never boring supporting the Blues! Kevin Bond was a record breaker - history was made!


From the moment he stepped in the lack of motivation in his pressers was worrying. Thank you for keeping us up but that was by skin of teeth and could have been settled earlier. Never a manager and can only hope RM gets the choice right this time.


He had lost the respect of the fans.And that was never coming back.Thanks for saving us last season.Need a manager to come and get the backing of the fans.And get the players playing football again.And bring some stability back to the club.Too managers come and go recently.


It’s the right time to go but let’s not forget the miracle he performed with an underachieving squad, I wish him well wherever he goes to, for me it’s gonna take a special manager because we still are in a bit of a mess.


Bond had to go after presiding over the worst start to a season in the club’s history. Hindsight says we should have said farewell after the Sunderland game. We now need someone with recent experience of managing in League One. Phil Parkinson or Gary Rowett would be my choice.


Kept us up last season and that has to be recognised. Unfortunately he couldn’t fire the team up this season. Has to be Parkinson next, experienced at this level and on all budgets..


Bond's departure was well overdue. Thank god he’s gone. I’ll say thank you for keeping us in League One last year but should never have been made permanent. Time to move forward and kick start our season. Plenty of games to turn it around. Barrett is my number one choice.


Bond is a brill number 2, never a leader though. I would love to see tilson come back but if not, a young hungry manager.


Untenable situation. Kept us up by a whisker but clearly man management and coaching worlds apart. Always seemed to point at everyone except himself for the issues.  We move on.


Never like to see someone lose their job but a decision had to be made when there’s other jobs on the line if we were to be relegated (behind scenes staff etc). Ultimately the right decision, it’s been a terrible start.We need experience and it has to be Parkinson.


Bond had to go, I couldn’t see how he was going to turn things around. My choice would be Parkinson. Knows the league, has a good record in it and I think he’ll give some of the players the kick up the backside they need.


Sad to see him go after the jubilation at the end of last season. Can't wait to see the new manager come in and see how he adapts the squad. I want Holloway or Parkinson. But lets wait and see.