SOUTHEND United fans have their say on Tuesday night's defeat at Shrewsbuy Town.

Attacking wise, we’re looking promising - some very good goals again from us. Defensively, we’re utterly shambolic and it needs addressing and sorting ASAP. The defending (or lack of it) for the 3rd goal was utterly pathetic.


A lethal cocktail of kamikaze defending and an impotent midfield to cover for individual errors means we concede a sackful of goals yet again. Goodship again played out of position and although we're scoring some good goals, the basics just aren't there. We look unfit too.


Elvis is good, but young and inexperienced and JD is not yet fully fit and Blackman is out of his depth - too much expected of our full backs. Need some attacking wide players to relieve this pressure point.


My club is becoming an embarrassment, slightly improved under Waddock but we need a better coach to sort this mess out.

We looked too scared/can’t be bothered to close down or make a tackle @matt_bacon36

Individual errors defensively are the problem which will be from Kevin Bond providing poor pre season prep and a lack of confidence. This is going to take time but the last two games we have competed a lot better than the previous five or six. The win is coming.


I didn't want to put any blame on Waddock but Goodship out wide and Ralph unfit were very poor selections. These players need to take a good hard look at themselves. I don't care if Cox scored a great goal two minutes from time, he did nothing else all night.


Play Kiernan midfield and make the man captain. Funnily enough he was our best player at the back end of last season and he was playing in the middle. On the game... three good goals but four rubbish ones given away. If you can’t do basics you’re never winning a game. Simple as


Defending is non existent, scared to make a challenge and take responsibly. Not a single leader at the back. To score six goals in two games and only have a point is heartbreaking. Relegation is inevitable.


We are too easy to play against. We stand off teams and let them play. We close players down too late. Obviously individual errors are also costing us. Waddock has been our defensive coach and he may not be the best person to solve the problem.


The lack of hard work from the midfield puts the pressure on the defence, need a player to fill that void in centre midfield so we can press. Can’t really blame Waddock he’s doing his best, it’s a shame some players aren’t putting their best effort in.


Centre of the park is non existent. Unless we start defending as a unit we’ve got absolutely no chance.


I’ve said it time and time again. These players really do need to take some responsibility week after week it’s the same basic errors. No leaders in this team and yet to see a player get stuck in.


Overrun in midfield first 20 minutes and we are two down. Then we get a grip and look half decent for a while but individual mistakes from Ralph and Elvis cost us. All look frightened of the ball apart from Humphrys who looks in great touch, the only real positive.


We have been on a downward spiral since Lenny left. We have no midfield , you can blame Powell and Bond for that. Unfortunately until we become a tight unit we are going to continue to leak goals.


Heartbreaking! We can’t defend but this is not just the job of the defenders. We have a midfield who don’t tackle and they give the defence no protection. We look doomed despite having a decent forward line.


Poor defensive performance again but absolutely no protection from the worst midfield I ve seen at Blues in years. Powderpuff players that haven't got a tackle in them. I think who ever manages them will have trouble to be honest .