SOUTHEND United fans have their say on Saturday's 1-0 defeat to Accrington Stanley.

First half was very even but then we conceded and completely fell apart. Last 40 minutes played with the intensity of a training game and it felt like we were 3-0 down. Would be easier to list the players who were trying in the second half. Looked like most couldn’t be bothered. Long season ahead.


That was unbearable. I’m not going to waste my money on this lot anymore.


It was a disgrace and I don’t think anyone but the players were to blame for that. Our strongest XI available and they serve up that trash. I fear no matter who’s in charge we’ll be in League Two next season as the central midfield and defence areas are occupied by such poor players.


Not surprised Larsson has gone on a Ryan Air plane out of Southend. We’re in massive trouble already, such a lacklustre performance.


After everything we have gone through over the last few years, I didn’t think it was possible that we could sink any lower. We simply lacked pride, passion, desire and effort throughout the game. Not to have a single effort on target sums up everything that is wrong at our club.


They were poor, but outplayed us! Midfield were non-existent and defence far too open. Injuries didn’t help. Sending off was always going to happen. Not sure where we go after this, probably League Two. Worrying.


Didn’t compete, didn’t create, the majority looked like they didn’t care and as a supporter it hurts to see a lack of pride in the shirt. Mark Oxley was the only reason we didn’t get tanked by a poor Stanley side. We look like we are down already unless they snap out of this malaise.


It seems almost unfeasible that we cannot muster a single shot on goal for the entirety of a home game but we did. We have real problems, so many of the current players need replacing or to undergo a major change of attitude, it’s a privilege to be a pro footballer not a chore.


Terrible. If the chairman thinks this is a talented squad maybe we need a director of football to appoint a new manager which we need ASAP. From the boardroom to the dressing room the decline seems almost terminal. Our fans deserve so much more it’s ridiculous.


This defeat hurts. All the optimism from last week’s win at MK Dons well and truly gone. Didn’t compete, didn’t show any real intent or quality. Whoever the new manager is is going to have a tough job on his hands.