SOUTHEND United chairman Ron Martin will fly to Sweden on Tuesday morning to hold talks with Henrik Larsson's prospective backroom team.

The former Sweden international is favourite to be Blues' next manager and has watched the Shrimpers last two matches.

However, an Echoport poll - which attracted 1,604 votes - saw 60 per cent of fans say they would not want Larsson was the next Blues manager.

The poll also attracted a number of responses from Shrimpers' supporters.

Ron Martin is way off the mark with this appointment and his faith in this squad of players. We need a manager and personnel who have had success in this division and to instill a different mentality in one of the weakest sides I’ve ever seen.


Absolutely not, shocking record, sideways appointment.


To be fair it's a tough choice from the three favourites, an Englishman with a poor managerial record, a Swedish legend with a poor managerial record or a Southend legend with no managerial record. For me it's from Larsson and Barrett.


Beginning to think that the players need a combo of empathy and a rocket up the backside. It’s taken me a while, but I’ve come round to the idea of a Barrett and Tilson combo. They could be an excellent good cop / bad cop duo. Is Paul Brush available too...?!


At first I was dead against Barrett, but I've 100% changed my mind.Hes the right man for the job.


I fear we are going down regardless who we bring in so for me, the next appointment has to be with one eye on league two next season and the massive rebuild that’s going to have to happen. I doubt Henrik with his little knowledge of English lower league football is the answer.


Nothing to lose by employing him. Complete set of new eyes, as continuity clearly isn’t working. Plus it would be good to meet him, he was a hell of a player.


Nothing against him personally, he was a great player but not what we need now. We need to start being realistic and appointing a manager who knows League 1 and who we can afford. Give Waddock a chance as we need the uncertainty ended.


He could be the "Pep Guardiola" in the lower leagues. He will have very good contacts in football. It would be interesting to see what people he brings to the club.


Going down as it is, there’s no real obvious/fantastic appointment. If Larsson pays off, we stay up. If he doesn’t, we go down as we were. Why not give it a go?