SOUTHEND United chairman Ron Martin has issued the following update on his search for a new manager.

In my brief statement on Monday I said that I would “hopefully this side of the weekend” be able to update you again.

They say that a week in politics is a long time and the same could certainly be said about football!

My ‘daytrip’ to Stockholm was successful insofar as I met Johan… I know supporters like to know who is potentially in the running for not only the management but also the manager's important backroom staff too.

Johan, should Henrik Larsson be appointed, would be a key member… but not the only potential member of that ‘backroom’.

There are two other potential managers in the frame to whom I am attracted but their identity need to be kept under wraps.

I am also meeting one more individual early tomorrow but then that’s it… no more interviews.

I have seen a great number of people over the last two to three weeks and equally shredded a great number of CV’s.

I plan to come to a decision over the weekend and then, subject to settling terms, I would hope that the club’s new manager will be in the hotseat (boiling in fact!) by next Saturday when we play Wimbledon.

When we do formally make that announcement over the coming days I plan to give supporters a bit more background as to the reasons behind some of the discussions held and my reasoning.

On another note, I met with the players prior to training this morning.

To, both, keep them in the loop and also share some thoughts about where we all are.

After all we are in this together, the players, me and the supporters… all I ever want is for everyone to be as one in support of our Club.

Together we can make a difference, divided is destructive… Let’s stay United.

We all recognise the talent and I thank you for maintaining your support of these players, they are good people.

Up the Blues!