SOUTHEND United's fans have their say on Saturday's 3-1 defeat at Gillingham.

To sum it up: Absolutely rubbish yet again. Only really played for about 15 minutes. This club is on the way down for sure, short of a miracle from the new manager or the squad finally playing for the badge looking like a team rather than individuals.


First goal was unfortunate, second goal we were not switched on. To give GW credit, he went for it after the sending off. With two penalty misses, I thought we may get back into it but the third goal was inevitable and it could have been more. GW has conducted himself well at a difficult time.


Not exaggerating it could have been nine but for Oxley. Saved four that were going in, saved the second penalty and put the guy off brilliantly for the first penalty. Add the three they scored, equals nine. That’s how low we have sunk.


Right now the players and fans need a lift. Hopefully the pending management announcement will be that trigger. So the incoming manager will need to install confidence to the back line and also find a midfield. If they can do that then we will have a chance of moving forward.


Feel sorry for Gary Waddock, went with the best 11 available but got nothing in a way of a performance from them. The next manager needs to be appointed long term to rebuild and we all need to get behind him as this squad is so weak it won’t be a quick fix.


Simply not good enough of a performance from a squad that simply doesn’t seem good enough for this division. Whether another manager can change that, who knows?! But the new manager will have a big job on their hands, and a big set of cojones for taking it on.


I’m not sure this squad has the ability or character to pull off the great escape that’s going to be needed, but please can we just make a decision on the next manager to give us the best possible chance? The lack of direction is just adding to the huge mess that we’re already in.


A new manager won’t make any difference, unless we can recruit four or five decent players in January we will finish bottom. I feel sorry for Waddock, this isn’t his fault.


I’ve seen us play eight times this season and my only highlights are a point at home and the two penalty misses today. Feel sorry for whoever the new boss is.


It’s a sad state of affairs when you go to games expecting to lose and the inevitable defeat no longer hurts.