SOUTHEND United fans have their say on Saturday's 4-1 defeat to AFC Wimbledon.

If everyone played with the same mentality as Elvis we wouldn’t be in this mess.


Can’t see anyone coming in and turning it around. Odd glimpses of positive play from Elvis and Macca. Thought Dieng was OK too and that Shaughnessy stepped up. There’s no cohesion though. They play like strangers, not team-mates. It’s going to be a tough winter.


That’s two teams in a row who have come to Roots Hall without wins away from home who have walked out with all three points. Saturday was utterly embarrassing. Ron needs to get a new manager in ASAP for the team’s sake because we just don’t look up to the fight.


Complete disgrace. Lazy, inept and the worst Southend side ever to pull on the shirt.


At least the players proved they can play football a bit. More than I have seen all season in spells. Light years better than Rochdale but still shipped four goals. Everything is directionless until this appointment is sorted out. Everything.


Unfortunately we have had 15 months of very poor player/management recruitment and we are suffering because of that. Whoever is appointed the new manager, they will do well to get a tune out of these players. I’ve been going to the Hall since 1957 and this is my worst time as a fan.


No words left in my vocabulary which I haven’t used already this season to describe that. No-one is saving that bunch.


I love this club, always have, always will but really it’s killing me at the moment. Manager aside, some of the passion and desire from these players is questionable. They cross the line, they are in the game. Saturday was a low, a proper low.


League Two is inevitable. I just hope we will be able to have a clear-out and have a somewhat positive look to the future. The club feels rotten and it’s heartbreaking.


Left after 70 minutes, just pathetic again.


Manager should’ve been sorted before this game. Can’t afford to lose to teams who are similarly struggling, let alone 4-1. Agree with Ron taking his time but this is ridiculous.


Spineless, so many weak players.