SOUTHEND United's fans have their say on the club's ongoing search for a new manager.

Barrett in please Ron.


I don’t think it’s a job anyone with any sense will take on due to our worsening League position. A relegation is pretty much guaranteed.


Like all Southend fans I’m very frustrated with the whole saga. Our form continues to drop unacceptable levels and we are already cut adrift in the relegation zone. We need someone in that will be a long-term appointment as it’s going to take some time to sort out the squad.


The whole thing has been a farce. I’ve never known any other club to take 40 plus days to get a new manager.


Beyond farcical now and quite frankly boring as we get cut further adrift.


We have a great attack, especially with Hopper coming back. We desperately need to be more solid and sort out our defence. Who better to do that than Sol Campbell? Ron needs to do everything he can to bring him in as soon as possible.


Got to feel for Waddock. Imagine going through all of this not to have a job at the end of it. Would be happy to wait for Adam Barrett even it it takes another week.


The whole saga leaves me with little faith in Ron actually delivering a manager that is long-term and can rebuild this very poor side we have. In what world was Larsson the answer? What is the criteria? At least Sol proved himself in League Two.


The search has gone on for far too long and the effects of that are clearly showing with the performances.


It has been a farce since Powell left.


Lost interest in this weeks ago. Should have been done in the last international break when the Pompey game was called off. Club is a shambles right now.


It’s beyond a joke now.


Lost all interest to be honest. This should have been sorted out weeks ago.


Give Mr Coughlan a ring.