A WOMAN who lost her brother to pancreatic cancer is on a mission to raise awareness of the illness.

Ian Dabbs, who lived in Benfleet, was diagnosed with the disease, known as the “silent killer”, last December.

Mr Dabbs, who worked as a bar manager at the Tandoori Parlour restaurant, in Hart Road, Thundersley, lost his battle against the illness in January, aged 35.

Mr Dabbs’ sister, Sarah Brown, aims to raise awareness of the deadly disease.

She says the symptoms were unclear – making it difficult to diagnose the cancer – and wishes someone told her family what to watch out for before her brother became ill.

She said: “I think it is important to be able to recognise the symptoms of the illness, because it is rare.

“My brother did complain of itchy skin and did have yellowing of the eyes, but none of usthought it could be cancer.’’ Mrs Brown, 32, is holding a charity fundraising night at the Tandoori Parlour on Friday, July 18, with auctions and raffles to raise money for the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund.

She will also be handing out flyers from the charity to provide guests with more information on the illness.

Mrs Brown, of Woodside Avenue, Benfleet, added: “When there are visible signs of an illness, like a lump or a rash, then you know it is something to worry about.

“But when the signs are not visible, then you’re really not to know.

“Before Ian was diagnosed you couldn’t tell he was ill. If we can save even one person’s life, that would be enough. The survival rate is so low and not many people know of the symptoms.

We just want to spread the word and help others.”

For more information about the event, contact, Mrs Brown, on brownsofbenfleet@google mail.com or Claire Murray on ironside141@gmail.com.

To donate, visit http:// www. j u s t g i v i n g . c o m / i a n dabbs69