A FAMILY are celebrating the World Cup by decorating their entire house with England flags.

The Gibbs family, from Jotmans Lane, Benfleet, are showing their support for the country by covering their semidetached house – including all the windows – with England flags.

Daniel Gibbs, 44, started off the trendmore than a decade ago.

His wife, Catherine, 42, said she believes their house is one of the most extravagantly decorated in Castle Point.

She said: “It’s my husband’s way of showing his patriotism.

“We do it every tournament, for the European Championship and the World Cup. The first time we did it was for Daniel’s 30th birthday, as it always ties in with the competition.

“Since then, the flags have just been building up – there are more and more every time.”

Mrs Gibbs said the house has attracted a lot of attention over the past couple of weeks.

She added: “We have had lots of people stopping outside just to have a look. It’s brilliant.

“Obviously, we can’t see who’s stopping all the time, because our windows are covered, but it has gathered attention.”

The family also put on a colourful Christmas display every year.