ADVENTURE Island has been voted one of the country’s best amusement parks by travel site TripAdvisor.

The Southend attraction was the tenth highest rated amusement park in the country, with Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach taking the crown.

The attraction, formerly known as Peter Pan’s Playground, has 32 different rides and was also rated in the top ten last year.

The site was bought by local businessman Philip Miller and his family in 1976. He turned it from a seaside garden with a few children’s rides, into one of the country’s top attractions.

Marc Miller, Adventure Island’s managing director, said: “To be given this honour for the second year running further cements Adventure Island’s status within the UK tourist industry.

“We have developed excellent service customer standards which each member of staff plays a crucial role in delivering, which is why this award is such a fantastic achievement.

“I would also like to thank everyone who has been kind enough to go on TripAdvisor and give us such positive reviews and ratings.”

Boasting a variety of rides and food outlets, Adventure Island is a popular attraction, not only for local residents, bringing in a large number of tourists into the town.

In February 2007, the park opened its flagship ride Rage, which cost £3million to build and boasts a 97-degree drop from 75 feet.

Graham Longley, Southend councillor for enterprise, tourism and economic development, said: “Adventure Island is an essential piece in the jigsaw of Southend’s continuing success and economic development.

“Visitors can wander in and out of the park, exploring the seafront and the town centre – finding lots to enjoy while they are here. This helps to boost the economy of Southend as a whole.

“It is great to know residents and visitors alike endorse Adventure Island wholeheartedly.

Here they will get a very warm welcome as they do throughout the rest of Southend too.”