AN online petition has been launched, calling for action to improve Canvey’s drains.

Anne Earl, 61, of Southwick Road, Canvey, started the petition after the floods brought havoc to the area again on Sunday.

It urges Essex County Council to improve and maintain the pumps and improve warning systems.

Last night, it had already garnered nearly 200 signatures.

Mrs Earl said: “I just felt it was about time the island had a voice, really, as this has happened so many times.

“We need as many people to sign as possible. It’s so frustrating, because it happens and it gets forgotten and it happens again and gets forgotten again.

“We hope people will join together, as we have had enough. We want some action and we want to know what is going on. We want to be kept in the loop.”

To sign the petition visit: and search for “pumps on Canvey Island”