AN ASTONISHED dogwalker came across a parking meter while walking on a Canvey beach.

Tina Aquilina, who lives on the island, was walking her dog when she came across the meter which was one of two that thieves swiped from Labworth car park last week.

The meter was dumped on the beach, which is next to the car park in Furtherwick Road, by the thieves.

They didn’t manage to empty the machine of money before running off.

MrsAquilina said she couldn’t believe her eyes.

She said: “I was just walking my dog and saw it.

“It’s amazing what turns up on our beach.”

Car parking charges at the Labworth car park, which has spaces for 100 cars, work on a seasonal basis with visitors having to pay 50p for an hour between April and September.

After the meters were ripped out last Tuesday, Castle Point Council said it would not be enforcing any charges until new meters were put in place.

A second parking meter has not yet been recovered.

Residents have been making the most of the free parking, with most of the 100 spaces being taken up on a daily basis, with other car parks, where fees are enforced, being left empty.

A Castle Point Council spokeswoman said new meters had been ordered to replace those missing in Labworth car park.

She said: “The one on the beach has not yet been recovered.

The second hasn’t been found. “We are waiting for the newmeters to arrive.

“We will make sure we notify residents when they do come in to let them know they will be paying parking charges again.”