THE executive of Castle Point Council says living with the threat of flooding on Canvey is “intolerable” and is demanding answers.

In a leaked email seen by the Echo, David Marchant asks what immediate action Essex County Council, the Highway Authority and Lead Local Flood Authority and Anglian Water are taking to improve the island’s drainage systems.

In the letter, Mr Marchant said: “Residents are now concerned that every time there is rainfall their property will be affected. Living under this threat is becoming intolerable for many.

“Can I ask what immediate action you jointly propose to ensure that the existing highway surface water systems and the public surface water drainage system that serve these areas are working properly.”

A list of roads affected by severe flooding on Sunday July 20 and the more recent rain on Friday August 8 has been drawn up and sent to the authorities.

Dave Blackwell, leader of the Canvey Independent Party, praised Mr Marchant for working with the authorities, He said: “Ray Howard and myself had a meeting with the chief executive on Monday and we both presented him with a list of roads affected.

“He agreed the fact they need to pull their socks up.

“I’m pleased he is taking action. We are very lucky to have a chief executive like David. He is an ex-engineer and knows a lot about drains. He is an excellent officer for the borough.”

THE roads included in the list are: Letzen Road, Metz Road, Waarden Road, Delfzul Road, Urmond Road, Denham Road, Roggel Road, Ouida Road, Juliers Road, Elm Road, May Avenue, Gafzelle Drive, Holbek Road and Hannet Road.

A FAMILY has been torn apart after flood water destroyed their home twice in the last year.

Barbara Johnson, 55, of Holbeck Road has been left distraught after her children aged 24 and 27, decided they will move off Canvey.

The family, who only moved back into their home in January after the floods in August 2013, are once again homeless.

Mrs Johnson said: “Truthfully, I do not know if I ever will be able to call my house a "home” again.

“We have lost everything at ground floor level for a second time within a 12 month period, including the kitchen and electrics on this occasion.

“My children have already decided after having to go through a second bout of flooding that they are going to move off the island, which rips my family apart at the seams. I do not have that option.

“My house is unsellable and will be so for many years to come.

“The ramifications from this incident will be long lasting for many if not all residents on Canvey, as everyone will see their insurance premiums rise.That is, of course, if we can get insurance at all.

“This whole debacle is destroying lives, livelihoods and potentially a whole community.”

With the latest yellow flood warning from the Met Office on Friday August 15, Mrs Johnson, said the family are living in fear.

She added: “Everytime I hear the weather report I am terrified. It really is a terrifying prospect never knowing whether you can feel safe in your own home.”