POLICE are setting their sights on bike thieves....after suffering 70 thefts in the space of a month.
The crooks have mainly been targeting commuters at railway stations in Southend and Westcliff.
Insp Brad Dickel, of Leigh police, said they were patrolling around these areas to try and catch them in the act.
He said: “Cycle theft is still a problem. We’ve got a joint operation with British Transport Police because a number of bikes have been taken from train stations.”
The Echo has reported how bike thieves have been locked up in recent months to put a stop to their crimes.
But the latest figures, relating to October 1 to November 1, show there is still a high crime rate for bike theft.
Mr Dickel said:“A large number of stop-checks have been completed on people on bikes. There’s been close liaison with bike shops and second-hand shops.
“As yet we haven’t identified a particular handler where these bikes are going.
“In addition to patrols there are a number of other tactics being deployed by Essex Police to identify and prosecute those persons responsible.”
Police are advising cyclists to lock their bikes up securely, but also want everyone to support suspicious behaviour.