EXPERTS from a top university will be digging up part of Daws Heath in a bid to uncover its medieval heritage.

Archaeologists from the University of Cambridge will excavate between 10 and 15 pits in the “triangle area” around Daws Heath Road and Western Road on June 5 and 6.

This area could be extended to include Rectory Road in Hadleigh.

Families are also being invited to put forward their gardens as potential excavation sites to find out what historical artefacts could be hidden beneath the soil.

Dr Carenza Lewis, director of Access Cambridge Archaeology, said: “It’s like a big jigsaw puzzle, the more sites we have the more we can put together.

“Archaeology is not just about the big sites like Stone Hedge, it is about evidence of human lives and it is everywhere around us. Places like Daws Heath are not often thought of as archaeological sites, but we would like to hear from anyone in the built up area to help us find out what is in their garden.”

Historical findings uncovered from the digs will be sent back to the university for analysis with the information then passed to the Hadleigh and Thundersley Community Archive.

Terry Barclay, the local co-ordinator working on behalf of the archive group, said: “As far as we know this opportunity has never happened before in Castle Point. It will be good to find out more about the history behind Daws Heath.

“I think local people will really get a lot from this and hopefully it will encourage them to contact us about their own experiences. We’re also hoping Carenza will be able to come and hold a talk with residents about the university’s findings.”