JOEY Essex may think his locks are the business, but one school is putting its foot down as schoolboys attempt to copy the Towie trendsetter’s hairdo.

Sue Hammond, headteacher at Billericay School, in School Road, has written to parents about boys “extreme hairstyles”

She is said to be concerned about the number of boys opting for a pompadour cut. This is a closely shaved cut round the sides of the head with hair left long on top, similar to The Only Way Is Essex favourite Joey Essex and chart topper Bruno Mars.

Mrs Hammond said while the style is fashionable, it “contravenes our uniform policy”.

Her letter said: “Our school uniform policy provides clear guidelines as to those hairstyles which are acceptable in school and those which are not.

“I would ask for your support in refraining from allowing your son to cut his hair into an extreme version of the style as, if he does, he will be unable to attend mainstream lessons until such time as his hair has grown out.”

Staff have also visited barber shops across the town to explain their policy and request boys are not given hair cuts shorter than a number two, which is a grading used on hair clippers.

Many barbers are supportive of the school, but are also conscious of losing trade.

John Revell, director of the Billericay Barber Shop, in High Street, said his stylists will warn young lads if they go in for a haircut and are wearing the Billericay School uniform, but he won’t turn people away."