CONTROVERSIAL plans to build 15 new flats on Canvey look set to be passed next week.

The part three-storey building of two-bedroom flats would take the place of a car wash and industrial units currently in the High Street.

The proposals, submitted by Pemican Ltd, have been met with widespread dismay in the community, with Canvey Town Council tabling several objections, including the height of the building and the extra traffic it will create.

Residents and councillors have also complained, saying there is poor access, insufficient parking, and raising concerns over whether sewer systems could cope with the additional homes.

Castle Point planning officers recommended it be approved at next week’s development control meeting.

Peter Greig, vice chairman of Canvey Island Town Council’s planning committee, said he was very frustrated.

He said: “There are a number of issues here that need to be considered.

“The location appears tome to be all wrong. The flats would overlook other residents homes and would also cause an access issue for surrounding roads, including Barnards Avenue and Gills Avenue.

The flats would be built near to C & J Autos and next door to a Costcutter supermarket and Murco petrol station, but there are fears this would not be the best location.

Mr Greig added: “This is something that needs to be checked before a decision is made. I am not sure who would want to live in a flat wedged between a petrol garage and another garage. If something was to happen at the petrol station, then it would more than likely affect the flats.

“It is also worth noting that emergency services would not be able to access the flats at times due to the narrow roads.”

It is believed that the majority of the units where the homes would be built are currently vacant, while 15 parking spaces would be provided.