ABENFLEET man is taking part in a reality TV show following couples trying to have children by surrogate mothers.

Reece Carter, of the Rundels, is appearing in Sky’s the Parent Makers, which is based on Barrie, 43, and Tony Drewitt-Barlow, 49, and their five children, from Danbury.

Mr Carter, 25, is vice-president at the British Surrogacy Centre, in Maldon, set up by the couple in a bid to help people throughout Europe.

Mr Carter says the show focuses on the centre and how it aims to help couples who desperately want children of their own.

He said: “The show is basically following the lives of Barrie and Tony with their five children, plus helping other couples realise their dreams of parenthood within the surrogacy centre.

“It focuses on heterosexual, as well as same-sex couples, and how we aim to help those who, for whatever reason, cannot have children of their own.”

The first of ten episodes aired on Sky 192 on Monday at 9pm. Work on a second series has also started.

According to Mr Carter, the show opened to mixed reviews. He said: “The reaction has been quite mixed. But it does have great meaning behind it.

“Surrogacy is an emotional rollercoaster for the intended parents, as well as the surrogates, as they are providing people with a whole new life.

The series is about showing what surrogacy is really about.”

The Parent Makers airs again on Monday.