WORRIED residents are concerned about the future of a plot of land, after spotting people using the wooded area.

Residents from Daws Heath Road and Moorcroft Avenue, in Thundersley, say two caravans arrived on a piece of land between the two roads.

They say the caravans have been on the land since the beginning of last week, but it is not known whether anyone has been living there.

Neighbours are worried wildlife and shrubbery around the area could be destroyed, as they say trees have been chopped down Trish Tippett, 48, of Moorcroft Avenue, said: “It is a nice piece of land and really hidden. We haven’t ever had any problems over there.

“But two caravans have moved in and it is really worrying us.

There are a few badger setts around that land and, in this week alone, people have found several dead badgers.”

Mrs Tippett said they were concerned about wildlife on the site.

She said: “We really want to protect our wildlife and the greenery. People have lived here for about thirty or forty years and some of the neighbours are actually prepared to put money together and buy it so we can keep it for the community.”

Residents of the area held a public meeting on Friday to speak to their neighbours about the land.

Simon Hart, Tory councillor for Victoria ward, said: “It’s a small piece of land.

“There have been reports that people have come in and are chopping down trees and tampering with badger setts.

“We don’t know much more than that at the moment, but residents are worried about it.”