TWO Castle Point car park makeovers have been completed...

ahead of schedule.

Oak Road, on Canvey, and Richmond Hall, in Benfleet, were resurfaced and given new markings as part of a £250,000 Castle Point Council project, which was delivered on time and in budget.

Other car parks across the borough will also be revamped at a later date.

The council paid a total of £143,000 to repair Oak Road and Richmond Hall.

Castle Point Council deputy leader Bill Sharp said: “I’m delighted we have started the process and we will be pushing to get other car parks completed.”

Drain problems at Oak Road have also been sorted, after flooding last winter caused major problems.

Mr Sharp said: “This was done on time and within budget, and is the start of the resurfacing and improvements of all our car parks.”

The work was not expected to be finished until the middle of July. The car parks also have new signs for motorists.

Controversial charges were introduced on February 1 at Oak Road, Richmond Hall and Lubbins car park, on Canvey seafront.

Furious traders said the introduction was losing them trade, but the council said the charges were needed to pay for the repair work.

A council spokesman said no further rises are expected to pay for the future revamps at other car parks in the borough.

Labworth and Lubbins car parks, on Canvey, and one in School Lane, Benfleet, will also be given a makeover this summer.

None of the car parks will be closed during the work.