THE impact of noise and vibrations from explosions at Shoebury Range will be assessed in a six-month study set to start in the spring.

Qinetiq, defence contractor at the MOD site in Shoebury, hase commissioned the survey following concerns from communities around the Thames Estuary area.

The survey, which will involve up to ten monitors located at key points around the estuary, will assess if the noise and vibrations are damaging properties.

The last study of this kind was completed ten years ago and showed the explosions caused no structural damage to properties.

Mike Assenheim, independent councillor for Shoebury, said: “I have had no complaints from residents.

Anybody who has lived in Shoebury for any length of time is quite used to the noise.

“I live quite close to the range and have not experienced any damage because of activity there.”

However, communities further up the coast are known to have complained about the activity, claiming the noise is amplified by the water.

Neil Williams, clerk to St Osyth Parish Council, near Clacton, said: “I can only describe the vibrations as being absolutely horrendous at times.”