A FAMILY have expressed their gratitude to a bright young boy and his dad who rushed to help an injured toddler in a park – while they waited 45 minutes for an ambulance.

Connor Barringer, who is 21 months old, was playing in a park in Leigh Beck Road, Canvey, on Friday evening, when he tripped over a scooter and banged his head on a bench.

His aunt Claire Joffries, 24, who was at the park with Connor and his mum, Cara Palmer, 22, said the accident caused a deep cut in the boy’s head, which was bleeding heavily.

She said: “When my sister picked him up, blood was gushing out from everywhere. Obviously at the time we thought it was bad because the split looked quite deep.”

During the incident, ten-year-old Daniel Harding, who lives nearby, saw what happened and ran to get help from his dad, who is a trained first aider.

Anthony Harding, 44, rushed to young Connor and placed a bandage on his head as they waited for an ambulance.

Miss Joffries added: “The young boy is a star. In just that small space of time he ran to get his dad. It was impressive.

“Anthony came and bandaged Connor’s head. He even stayed with us while we waited for the ambulance.

“It took 45 minutes to come and we called three times.

“I understand they have to prioritise but if they didn’t advise me to keep Connor still, I would’ve driven to the hospital myself.”

Mr Harding says his son deserves the credit.

He said: “It was down to Daniel. He saw what happened and ran back home. He came in and told me I had to grab my first aid kit because a baby was injured.

“I think it took about three attempts to get the ambulance to come so I stayed until it got there.

“The boy’s mum was also really shaken, so as well as making sure the baby was OK, I made sure she was ok too.

“But he was a brave little boy.”

Miss Joffries has also thanked another resident, Elaine Rising, who lives opposite, in Leigh Beck Road.

She provided the family with refreshments during the wait.

She said: “The woman gave out tea and biscuits to everyone.”

After the ambulance arrived, Connor was taken to Basildon Hospital where he received treatment.

He was released later that day.