SEVERE flooding on Canvey was discussed at an emergency meeting.

MP Rebecca Harris and councillors met with the Environment Agency, Anglian Water and Essex County Council’s Emergency Planning team to talk about the problems.

The equivalent of the entire monthly rainfall for the island fell in just 90 minutes causing homes and businesses to become swamped.

Liz Truss, the new secretary of state for the environment and Paul Leinster, head of the Environment Agency, also visited Canvey on Friday afternoon.

Ray Howard, Canvey councillor responsible for floods and water management, said: “It was a very productive meeting. There’s no doubt there’s a strategy that’s going to be worked out about drains, pumps and improvements.

“We had it confirmed we had four inches of rain water. That is unprecedented.

“We are working tirelessly to sort this out.”

Another meeting is planned for six weeks time but the group decided to inspect drains regularly and deal with issues as soon as they arise, look at bringing in more cash to increase the capacity of existing drains on the island and come up with a system to get emergency advice and information out to Canvey residents.

Dr Charles Beardall, area manager for the Environment Agency, added: “We are committed to doubling our efforts to work with all partners and the community on Canvey Island.”